Repair and Maintenance Requests


Key and Key Card Access

All tenants are provided with one set of keys for each of the locked doors associated with their space. Additional keys can be made made for a service charge. To request additional keys or request the re-keying of locks, please place a work order within the work order database.

Many of the Research Park buildings are equipped with the PassPoint Access Control System, which requires a security card for entry into the building and individual tenant spaces. The doors will be locked and will require a key card for entry from 7pm-6am on all week days, on weekends, and during holidays. In the event of a lost or stolen access card, notify Missy Adams immediately to have the card disabled.

Snow and Ice Removal

With the help of local vendors, the Fox Development maintenance team works hard to keep our sidewalks, pathways, and roads clear of snow and ice to allow for safe walking and driving. If you notice any areas that need special attention please submit a work order in our work order database, all work orders submitted under the “common area” label will be seen by all associated tenants.

Entering your Request

In order to ensure that your repair and maintenance needs are met in a timely fashion, submit all repair requests, maintenance emergencies, or proposal requests by logging onto our online database.

To submit a work order you must sign up for an account. To set up an account please contact Missy Adams. In the event of a time-sensitive request, please submit your request through the database and then call Missy Adams at (217) 239-2588.

Emergency Maintenance

In the event of any emergency maintenance situation consisting of a fire or flood please immediately contact Mitch Sonsteng, Building & Grounds Supervisor at 217-840-4215.