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Fostering Strong Non-Profits
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Fox Development Corporation supports numerous non-profit organizations each year.  Several of our stories can be viewed below:

Afro-Academic Cultural, Technological and Scientific Olympics (ACT-SO)
In 2006, Fox Development Corporation had the opportunity to donate desperately needed meeting space to ACT-SO, the Afro-Academic, Cultural, Technological, and Scientific Olympics. The Swann Conference Room in the Research Park south of the University of Illinois became the new home to ACT-SO's monthly meetings, allowing them to actively focus their efforts on empowering talented African-American youth to excel further in academic, artistic, and scientific fields.

To kick off their Fall recruiting event, FDC coordinated a spacious facility at the China Executive Leadership Program office. With Fox Development Corporation’s help, ACT-SO was able to host an extremely successful event that generated much interest in the group and helped to secure quality new additions to the organization.

Canaan Academy
Canaan Academy, a pre-K through 5th grade learning institution located in downtown Urbana, opened in 1994. The school’s 60 students are immersed in a learning modality that encompasses teaching using auditory, visual, and kinesthetic approaches taught by a multi-racial staff. “I believe if you match a student’s learning style with the right teaching style, every child is a genius,” says Reverend B.J. Tatum from Canaan Baptist Church. “We always need to be teaching something new to our kids – that’s what Canaan Academy is all about.”

Polished and gleaming walls filled with colorful class assignment being shown off greet visitors who know instantly the school is built on the idea of respect. It is confirmed with the school’s high showing on the ISAT tests. “When you respect the students, they respect you back,” notes Rev. Tatum. “Students here know they are not just going to school, they are learning.”

In 2005, Fox Development Corporation donated $12,000 to the Academy to provide support for student scholarships, curriculum development, and operations.

Cunningham's Children's Home Annual Giving Trees
Every year, Fox Development Corporation and the Research Park has put smiles on the faces of the residents at Cunningham Children’s Home. FDC arranged to have “Giving Trees” placed in the Research Park south of the University of Illinois, each one decorated with name tag ornaments of the children housed at Cunningham. Employees of businesses located in the Research Park chose “ornaments” and donated gifts for the children in time for Christmas. Cloydia Larimore, Cunningham’s Vice-president of Public Relations and Marketing was there to see the look on the kids’ faces at Christmas: “One of our 13-year-old boys walked up to me and gave me a big hug, looked me in the eye and said ‘share that with the lady who gave me my presents.’ Needless to say, I wish I could share with each person who took the time to shop and place a small expression of hope and love under the Giving Tree the joy I felt when I saw how touched this young man was by the kindness of a stranger. Thanks to Fox Development for participating in the Giving Tree project. The kids at Cunningham had a great Christmas and felt your love."

Swann Special Care Center
In April 2006, Fox Development Corporation named the conference room at the Strata Building in the Research Park the Swann Conference Room to honor a new piece of art work unveiled during the Boneyard Arts Festival created by artist Michael Ferrell, a 21-year-old resident of Swann Special Care Center. Swann Special Care Center is a housing facility dedicated to caring for severely handicapped children.

In 2002, with start-up funds donated by the Community Foundation of East Central Illinois, Swann Special Care Center developed an art program designed to provide income-generating opportunities for its residents. Residents at Swann Special Care Center are individuals with severe and profound developmental disabilities. Through the ongoing funding efforts of the Resource Development Center (RDC) staff, the program is fully operational and residents produce art work in the center located at Stoneybrook Plaza.

With the help of volunteers and SSCC staff, the residents participate in art activities designed by Charlotte Brady, volunteer art teacher and consultant. Residents gain opportunities for self-expression while working on choice making skills, range of motion, and tactile stimulation.

The finished product’s are almost always abstract, quite unique, and emphasize the ability of each of the residents rather than a particular object, landscape, or material. Because most of the residents have some kind of visual impairment, staff use materials that have a variety of texture, scent, or sounds, if applicable.

The residents’ work is transferred into digital images and then used to create greeting cards, which are sold at the center and at area craft shows. All income generated from sales of products goes toward supplies and equipment that residents need at the art center.

Peter Fox, Chairman of Fox Development Corporation, received one of the Swann Special Care Center greeting cards from Jim Barham, a member of the Swann Special Care Center executive board, and decided to have it enlarged to hang in the Strata Building Conference Room in the Research Park. The Conference room was then named the Swann Conference Room to distinguish the new artwork.

Artist Michael Ferrell is a 21 year old resident of Swann Special Care Center. He attends the Page II day training program. His medical diagnosis includes Cerebral Palsy with secondary spastic quadriparesis, profound mental retardation, and seizure disorder, history of congenital toxoplasmosis, severe contractures, and scoliosis. Michael is very social and is always smiling. He responds to bright colors and enjoys soft music. His art work shows great expression and movement, and is a wonderful new addition to the Swann Conference Room.

For information on the greeting cards from Swann Special Care Center, contact:
Max Redmond or Zipura Matias
Resource Development Center
2418 W. Springfield, Champaign, IL 61821
217-398-3710 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Prairie Center
Located on the north side of Urbana, Prairie Center has been serving the region through a variety of programs for nearly 40 years. The group delivers an array of services including in-patient/residential, individual and group substance abuse counseling, a medically managed detoxification service, outpatient facilities, and in-school drug prevention education programs. In all, the group touches the lives of nearly 5,000 residents of Champaign County each year. And each year, the group gathers to celebrate their successes at an annual banquet. For years, Fox Development Corporation has been a major sponsor, which helps to underwrite the costs of drug treatment and the in-school, science-based drug prevention programs. “It’s the generosity of good people like Peter Fox that has helped many local residents to reestablish their place in our community.” Commented Betty Seidel, Prairie Center’s Director of Development.